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Why Trademarks, Etc.?


Our comprehensive federal and state search of $209 is the most competitive in the industry.  

Trademark Searches

Many other companies have their hourly employees do their searches.  Many offer do-it-yourself searches on their websites which comeback to be very inconclusive or incomplete.  Our searches are conducted by our founder, Haig Fisher, a paralegal with over 18 years of experience in this area.

Form Preparations

Some online companies are using software whereby the individual is filling out their own applications.  If not done accurately and correctly, EVERY application will be issued an Office Action thus being returned to the applicant to correct the issue or to provide more information.  With Trademarks, Etc. all applications are prepared and filed by our attorney who has over 15 years of expertise in this area.

What you see is what you get

Don't be fooled by some of these companies that offer $99 filings and services that can be completed in the same day. A thorough trademark search is very important. Furthermore, a quality prepared trademark application is done by getting to know exactly what the client intends to trademark or what the client's products and services truly are. Also, if you are using your mark in commerce, it's critical that an appropriate specimen of your trademarks usage is included with your application.


That’s who we are.  We don’t do corporations, trusts, LLC’s, or divorces.  Trademarks is what we do and that’s all we do.


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